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Training Schedule
All are welcome to join for our training sessions in DC and in Baltimore. There are lots of opportunities to get out on the field, but Tuesday (Baltimore)/Wednesday (DC) and Saturday sessions are essential trainings! Punctuality is a focus this season and tardiness will incur penalties at the coach’s discretion.
Subject to change due to weather or other circumstances- check  our Facebook page for last minute updates.

  • Tuesday at Latrobe Park in Baltimore, 5:30
  • Wednesday at West Potomac Park in DC, 5:30pm Pure Skills 6:00pm Training
  • Saturday regular trainings occur in both DC and in Baltimore, with the exception of combined trainings, metro, or EAFL games.  Attend the session closest to where you live.
    • 10:30 Pure Skills 11:00 Training at West Potomac Park in DC
    • 12:00pm at Latrobe Park in Baltimore


About the Eagles
A social team with a winning culture.
The Baltimore-Washington Eagles are an Australian Rules Football club and a USAFL side that represents the greater Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area in both male and female competitions.

The season commences in March and concludes with the annual USAFL National Tournament in early October. During the season we play divisional EAFL games (against teams from Boston, New York, North Carolina and Philadelphia), local Metro games (between Baltimore, Northern Virginia and DC) as well as continuing our co-ed, non-contact game of Ausball.