The Club

The Baltimore Washington Eagles are an Australian rules football club and a USAFL side that represents the greater Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.  The Eagles field men’s and women’s teams.

The club competes in the Eastern Australian Football League (EAFL) against teams from Boston, New York, North Carolina and Philadelphia from May to September.  Throughout the spring and summer the Eagles also compete in local metro games (Baltimore vs DC).

Baltimore hosts an Ausball league, a co-ed, non-contact game of Ausball in the spring and fall.

We also partner with Saturday Morning Footy, a kids footy program in Arlington, VA

Please feel free to click around on the website in order to get started on finding out what Aussie Rules is about and to catch up on the latest Eagles’ action. If you should have any questions, let us know. We hope to see this you this season!

Click here if you are interested in playing.