EAFL Schedule

2016 Baltimore Washington Eagles EAFL Schedule*

21 May – @ North Carolina Tigers Win Eagles 7.10.52 – Tigers 4.8.32 Game Report

4 June – New York Magpies L

25 June – Eastern Regional Tournament in New York Div II Championship Winners! Tournament Report

Baltimore-Washington 3.1.19 def Philadelphia 2.6.18
North Carolina 8.9.57 def Philadelphia 3.1.19
Baltimore-Washington 7.7.49 def North Carolina Tigers 6.3.39

13 August – @ Boston Demons

17 September – North Carolina Tigers – West Potomac Park

24 September –  Philadelphia Hawks – Fairfax Lake Park

15-16 October 2016 – USAFL Nationals

*Players must be registered to play in EAFL games and receive points for Nationals eligibility.  More information about registration and points can be found here.  Keep in mind Eagles dues include the USAFL registration.


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