2017 Eagles Registration

To register with the Baltimore Washington Eagles, please fill out this membership form with required information and waivers, then pay your dues via PayPal. Contact eagles.treasurer@gmail.com if you have trouble with the payment.

Payment of 2017 Eagles fees is required for all returning members before continuing with training and EAFL games.

Membership Category

About Eagles Membership Fees:
Gold Membership – $220
With this full membership tier, players receive one year registration with the Eagles and a personalized numbered jersey. This fee includes the $100 annual USAFL dues that is required for all players playing EAFL games or Nationals.

Club Membership – $175
This option includes one year of registration with the Eagles and the $100 annual USAFL dues that is required for all players playing in EAFL games or at Nationals.

Concession Membership – $145
This special membership is reserved for Eagles players who are currently students or unemployed, and includes the annual USAFL dues. Please inquire if this applies to you.

Metro Only Member – $100
If you plan to only play in Metro games (Baltimore vs DC games) and attend trainings, you can join the club as a Metro Only Member for $100. This does NOT include USAFL dues. Note, with this membership, you are not entitled to play in EAFL games or at Nationals. If you do decide to play EAFL games or at Nationals at a later stage, you will need to pay the additional $100 USAFL fee directly to the USAFL.

For more information about USAFL registration, click here.

Member Discounts!

As a paid member of the Baltimore Washington Eagles, you are eligible to select discounts from our sponsors:
  • An Eagles special $49 gym monthly membership at Balance Gym in Washington, DC—no joining fee! (conditions apply)
  • 20% off club travel from Coast 2 Coast Travel when joining the team on away games (conditions apply)
a little about...


Starting as a competition between Baltimore and the Australian Embassy in DC, the Baltimore Washington Eagles made their debut in the USAFL in 1998 and went on to take the Div II Championship in 1999.  The club continues to grow today with dedicated players in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia making up two men’s and one women’s team. The Baltimore Washington Eagles Football Club is a registered 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

What is Aussie Rules?

Join in the fun!  Australian Rules Football is a fast-paced sport that draws skills from soccer, football, basketball, rugby, and more.  Check out this video!

Eagles 2017 Executive Board 


Antoun Issa



Keith Thornburg


Alex Mims Pike


Andrew Pike

Lady Eagles Coordinator

Molly Halberstadt


Members at Large

Nick Sisca
Danny Seow
Ryan Cartwright
Brian Salant
Steve Carty
Scott Bradford

Players must be registered with the Eagles and the USAFL. Click here to register.

For club policies, click here.



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